As a We Honor Veterans Partner, Faith Hospice is able to recognize the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families. As well, as accompanying and guiding Veterans through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending.

Being a We Honor Veterans Partner, Faith Hospice is better prepared to:
• Build professional and organizational capacity to provide quality care for Veterans
• Develop and/or strengthen partnerships with VA and other Veteran organizations
• Increase access to hospice and palliative care for Veterans in their community
• Network with other hospices across the country to learn about best practice models

How We Honor Veterans
American’s Veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country. It is never too late to give them a hero’s welcome home. At Faith Hospice, we provide the last opportunity for Veterans to feel that their service was not in vain, and to feel appreciated.

We recognize that simple acts of gratitude at the end-of-life can make up for a lack of appreciation or recognition during the Veteran’s lifetime, especially for those Veterans who were never welcomed home or thanked for their service.

The following are the best practices that we use at Faith Hospice to honor and recognize the Veterans we serve:

• Give Veterans an opportunity to tell their stories
• Respect Veterans’ service, their feelings, and any suggestions they might offer
• Thank Veterans for their service to our country
• When approaching Veterans for their participation, we consider bringing another Veteran with us
• Show appreciation for the families of Veterans
• Always sincere, caring, compassionate and ready to listen to what a Veteran or his or her family member has to share
• Supportive and non-judgmental and always recognizing their feelings and concerns
• Honest, sincere, caring and respectful
• Accept, without judgment, the Veteran as he/she is
Expect the Veteran’s sharing to occur over a period of time